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National Boss Day
Boss's Day Design Custom Flowers in Presque Isle, ME | COOK FLORIST, INC.
Boss's Day Design
Custom Flowers
Celebrate the best boss ever! Show your boss how amazing they are and how glad you are to have their mentorship, leadership, and support every day. The best perk of your job is having a terrific boss like them! We’ll be sure to make them something as wonderful and amazing as your boss.
Shown at $65.00
Shown at $65.00
Boss's Day Beauty Premium Designer's Choice in Presque Isle, ME | COOK FLORIST, INC.
Boss's Day Beauty
Premium Designer's Choice
Surprise the one who leads the team with beautiful flowers fit for the best boss ever! Show them how much you appreciate their hard work and leadership with an extravagant arrangement for Boss’s Day. These stunning flowers designed by our expert florists are sure to impress!
Shown at $100.00
Shown at $100.00
Lush Garden of Green Plants in Presque Isle, ME | COOK FLORIST, INC.
Lush Garden
of Green Plants
This lively arrangement is a plant lover's dream! Lush Garden is a luxurious mix of gorgeous green plants artfully arranged into a lovely terra cotta bowl. Add some green to any room with this charming mix! Choose one of our three sizes: 8" (STD), 10" (DLX), 12" (PREM).
AWE-INSPIRING AUTUMN Floral Arrangement in Presque Isle, ME | COOK FLORIST, INC.
Floral Arrangement
These vibrant fall flowers will have everyone saying, "Wow!" Filled with radiant orange 'Asiatic' lilies, yellow roses, blue delphinium, bells of Ireland, and more, Awe-Inspiring Autumn lives up to its name. Send your loved ones some fall vibes today with this exquisite bouquet!
Shown at $135.00
Shown at $135.00

3 Reasons To Gift Flowers For National Boss Day

There have always been special qualities that nature has possessed. For instance, the tranquility one finds in a green and vibrant garden under the golden sun, as they hear the sweet silence of nature among the music of birds. Or the magic one feels as they behold a colorfully painted butterfly fluttering its wings as it perches upon beautiful flowers in a garden. Nature can offer a therapeutic effect. The peaceful nature of a flower is something to treasure, a truly priceless gift one can give to another.

As a business leader, one must make several decisions and sort out several details. Like anyone’s position, one finds themselves stressed more times than others or taken by the tasks ahead of them. Offer your boss a lovely arrangement of vibrant flowers to lift their spirits. Every act of kindness makes an impact.

Affirmation and Encouragement
As each of us works hard every day, we desire our work to be recognized and to feel appreciated. We appreciate feeling accomplished. Share your care and kindness by offering your boss affirmation in their efforts through a beautiful bouquet. This is a great way to boost morale and provide one with extra encouragement to press forward.

COOK FLORIST, INC. has a variety of flowers you can peruse to select your perfect arrangement. To provide you with additional convenience, we would be happy to deliver your flowers to the business. If you have any questions regarding your order or the details of your delivery, please feel free to contact COOK FLORIST, INC. at (207) 769-2731. We would be happy to help.